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Hiya Folks! We have so many exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks but
our first one is the launch of our New BARKING DOG NEWSLETTER! Squeeeeee!!!!
This has been a labour-of-love over the past year and I’m super excited to FINALLY get the ball rolling!
What could we possibly need to tell you every month? A HUGE Dog Pile of News!!! We have oodles of promotions, sales, exclusive limited editions, new designs and events planned for the year. Our subscribers will be the first to get the scoop on all of this awesomeness including early bird sales, VIP tickets, giveaways, pop-up shops and special promotions just for you! Don’t worry, we hate getting oodles of junk emails, so you'll only hear from us once or twice a month.
Our Newsletter will be hitting inboxes for the first time by the end of the month which means you need to SIGN UP so you don’t miss out ~ It's easy peesy, just email me at to be added to our mailing list

Thanks so much for subscribing and joining our Dog Pack,
Angela & The Barking Dogs